The question that haunts the minds in the series "Kaderimin Oyunu"
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5 October 2022 08:43


The question that haunts the minds in the series “Kaderimin Oyunu”

The common idea of ​​many people who watch TV series is that the interest in productions that offer the opportunity to solve events such as puzzles is increasing. Like the Kanal D series called Yargı, Star TV’s Kaderimin Oyunu was a production that progressed by having the people on the screen solve puzzles.

The audience is passionate about this story, which begins happily, but then turns upside down, and then develops when they meet by chance. The question in the minds of millions of TV series fans is: Why did Cemal leave Asiye? Trying to find a logical reason why Cemal, who has a happy home with his two children, suddenly behaves in the opposite way, the fans of the series try to find a new clue in each episode.

If Cemal is telling the truth, if he hasn’t really cheated on Asiye… The loyal viewers of the series, who question this situation, are sure that other things will come after this. A viewer who drew attention to the fact that Cemal went to Demirhan’s after leaving his family said, “What normal person would leave his so-called family that he loved so much just for the sake of a friend?” asks the question.

We see that the puzzle-like story structure of the series provides high interest and very good ratings. The Kaderimin Oyunu stands out as a very successful production as it increases the viewing rates of Star TV.

An important detail draws attention in the trailer released from the third new episode of the series. The fact that Asiye tells Mahir that she has no feelings for him will cause great disappointment in the young man.

What will happen in the third part of the rapprochement between Asile and Cemal, which has started again, is very important. Series fans should not miss the new episode that will air on Friday, January 21.

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