Tolgahan Sayışman opened the doors of a new era in his life!
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25 March 2023 23:37


Tolgahan Sayışman opened the doors of a new era in his life!

Tolgahan Sayışman is a famous name who has successfully appeared in front of the camera and in many different projects so far. However, the series did not receive the expected attention and the big production was wasted.

After the disappointment of the 4-episode Şeref Sözü at the beginning of the season, Tolgahan Sayışman made important decisions. The actor, who was thrown into the trade and stayed away from acting for a while, also brought production to the fore among his plans.

Tolgahan Sayışman, who founded a company called Han Medya Yapım, opened the doors of a new era in his life and career by stepping into TV series production. The series, titled Border, for which preparations were started with a staff of young names, will continue for 2 seasons. The actor is very excited for the series, which will be shot in Balıkesir in seasons of 8 episodes.

The actor, who experienced the joy of fatherhood once again after her husband Almeda Abazi gave birth for the second time, has opened the doors of a whole new world in both his private and business life.

The couple got married in 2017. Their first child, Efehan, was born in 2019. Their second child was a girl. The famous couple took the baby, which they named Alina, in their arms in June 2021.

Tolgahan Sayışman, who opened a new page in his life, opened the doors of new worlds both as the father of two children and as a producer as well as acting in the TV series.

Speaking to members of the press, the Accountant said that he helped his wife at home. The actor said, “I’m gassing. We are sleep deprived. May God grant everyone who wants something amazing. It’s a feeling I don’t know how to describe. I had the same experience with Efe. I am experiencing the same excitement for the second time. I thought I was experienced, but I started learning new things. It is very enjoyable,” he said.

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