Artists News What is the feature of Burak Deniz that he does not want to be heard?

What is the feature of Burak Deniz that he does not want to be heard?

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Burak Deniz, who was a partner with Alina Boz in ATV’s Maraşlı series last season and had a successful season, increased the number of fans with the character of “Maraşlı Celal”.

He was also remembered with the style of the actor, who performed very well in the series. After Maraşlı made the final, he went to Italy for Ferzan Özpetek’s Cahil Periler series in the summer without rest. Burak Deniz, who is in only 4 episodes of the series, gave life to a photographer named Arman.

Burak Deniz, who is currently shooting the series Şahmeran for Netflix with Serenay Sarıkaya, is also known by his fans for his love of animals. The actor also expresses this love in the posts he makes on his Instagram account from time to time.

According to the news in Posta Newspaper, the famous actor could not remain silent to the call for help of an association that feeds stray dogs. An association in Beylikdüzü, which regularly feeds stray dogs in forest areas, but was in a difficult situation this week, called for help on social media.

Actor Burak Deniz did not remain silent to this call, and sent 50 large packages of food to the association. It was also learned that the actor, who is an animal lover, regularly helps associations and shelters, but does not want this to be heard much.

The first season of the actor, which will consist of 8 episodes, is expected to meet with the audience in the first months of 2022 on Netflix.