Artists News Eda Ece is very sensitive for animals

Eda Ece is very sensitive for animals


The sensitivity of Eda Ece, who plays the Yıldız character in the Forbidden Apple series, is closely known by her followers. She is particularly sensitive to nature and animals.

Eda Ece is very upset to see animals left on the street and sometimes at home due to the coronavirus epidemic. She posted a video shared on social media and said that she was shedding tears in front of what she saw.

The followers who left a message saying “Eda Ece we love your heart very much” stated that they were impressed by the tears of the famous actress.

She said, “I watched this and cried. I lay with the banana I ate without waiting for the sahur. Recover animals if they are in bad condition when you see them. Do not go past without saving. If hungry, satiate, if connected, dissolve. Their lives are already very difficult on the street. And do not leave your animals in your home.”

Here are those images that shed tears on Eda Ece: