Artists News [Merve Boluğur]’s dizzying change!

[Merve Boluğur]’s dizzying change!


[Merve Boluğur] latest news …

Actress, constantly changing her hair …

This situation caused the fans of the actress to rebel.

The actress, who was known for the Beginner Witch series in 2005, then stepped up her career steps very quickly.

Actress, who married famous singer MuratDalkilic on August 25, 2015, unfortunately vacated in September 2017.

Actress suffering from psychological problems after divorce, suffered weight loss.

Actress, who overcame health problems by weight, was again on the agenda by changing her image.

Boluğur, who has been living ups and downs in her life for the past few years and ended her marriage with MuratDalkilic, which we had left behind, is now being told by her image changed frequently.

The fans of the  actresswho brought these changes to their pages brought together six different images.

The actress, who does not miss this sharing, gave a witty response by falling down the notion of “Not enough” to comments such as “Is not this enough?”